What's new at the Ska Parade

(March 6th, 2002)
*Let's Go Bowlings 16th Aniversary Party!!! March 16th Fresno Ca.
Click Here for Details

7/1/99 - 7/2/99 (Ska Parade @ Warped Tour):
Albino, Maria, Tazy, & the X103.9 staff
had a Ska Parade booth @ Warped Tour '99, San Bernardino, CA;
as well as bitchin' afterparty w/ Suicidal Tendencies!!!
Very nice to see a lot of u at Warped!
Thanx to My Superhero, Blink 182, Suicidal Tendencies,
The Porkers, Alien Ant Farm, Zebrahead, The Pressure, and more
for swingin' by our booth & supportin' X103.9's Ska Parade!!!
Last but not least - much thanx to Goldenvoice & X103.9!

7/9/99 - 7/19/99 (Tazy Out & About!):
Although Tazy recently was in the hospital for 10 days,
he has fully recovered; and is a much leaner, meaner Tazy machine now!
Much thanx to the Doctors & staff for their excellent care!

7/10/99 Jam At The Dam
Albino & Maria supported a KUCI Ska Parade booth
at this years' "Jam At The Dam" w/The Killingtons, and more!

9/14 - 9/19 - Tazy in NYC for CMJ '99!!!
If u r going to this years'
"CMJ Music Marathon, MusicFest & FilmFest ¹99,"
Please catch Tazy (producer & host of "Ska Parade")
as a panelist on:
"Rising To The Top:
Successful Radio Programming and Why it Works"
Sat., September 18th, 1999 (2pm-3:15pm EST)
@ New York Hilton & Towers, New York City, NY!!!

other recent concerts:
7/21/99 Weird Al Yankovic @ The Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, CA
Albino & Tazy saw the one, the only, the unusual "Weird Al"!!!
Saw all the hits "Smells Like Nirvana," "Another One Rides The Bus,"
"Fat," & more! Very much enjoyed the multimedia aspect of the show!
Great pop culture stuff! Thanx to his manager for the backstage passes!
Photo w/ Weird Al coming soon to the Ska Parade webpage!

7/24/99 "Social Chaos Tour," Orange Pavillion, San Bernardino, CA;
Colin (w/Bob Marley t-shirt) & Tazy (Ska Parade t-shirt)
ventured into the punk/skin/oi! tour to see classic bands
like the UK Subs, Chelsea, The Business, & T.S.O.L.!
Saw lots of folks w/Exploited t-shirts & spiked hair!

new releases that Tazy digs:
Tazy Phyllipz's Ska Parade Top Ten as of 7/20/99:
01. The Equators - "8 Song Demo" (demo)
02. Victor Rice - "At Version City" (Stubborn Records)
03. The Hippos - "Heads Are Gonna Roll" (Interscope Records)
04. :flashlight - ":flashlight" (Stomp Records)
05. The Tennors "Rock Steady Classics" (Nighthawk Records)
06. v/a "Roots, Branch, and Stem, Vol. 2" (Stubborn Records)
07. v/a "A Compilation Of Warped Music 2" (Side 1 Dummy Records)
08. My Superhero - "Station One" (Risk Records)
09. Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites - "Ska Titans" (Moon Ska Records)
10. Common Rider - "Last Wave Rockers" (Panic Button Records)

upcoming cd releases that Tazy & Albino are excited about:
The Equators' "HOT," No Doubt's "New Untitled" and more!

-Thanx to all the folks who purchased
v/a "The Ska Parade: Runnin' Naked Thru The Cornfield" cd,
v/a "Step On It: The Best of The Ska Parade Radio Show (KUCI benefit) cd,
and The Donkey Show "Just Can't Get Enough of...." cd!

-please read THE SKA PARADE MERCH SECTION (listed below)
because we have SKA PARADE PACKAGE DEALS!!!
SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! on yo' favorite Ska Parade goods!!!

-Also, we have added a new photo page
to The Ska Parade website! Please take a look!
Other Stories o' Cool:

-the new The Donkey Show cd (entire backcatalog) is in-stores now!!!
The Donkey Show is one of the earliest pioneers of 3rd Wave Ska
in which its members have progressed through the ranks of,
recorded with, and toured in today's hottest ska bands:
The Equators, The Slackers, Hepcat, Stubborn All-Stars,
The Adjusters, Rancid, Busters All-Stars, Bad Manners, Unsteady, ....

-I've heard the final tracks for THE EQUATORS' new album
(Sept. '99 release). IT IS BRILLIANT!!!

-The return of legendary music...
Please request The Equators "Softly, Softly" at yo' favorite radio station
and support the movin' and groovin' in the herenow of good music!!!
In 1999 "The Ska Parade Radio Show" is becomin' the new "Peel Sessions"
celebratin' all styles of live music, with the backbone bein' the SKA!!!

so far...FIFTY-TWO (52) different bands performed on the program in 1999
(including 23 Ska bands, 7 Punk bands, 6 Swing-Roots bands, 2 Surf bands,
5 Alternative-Rock bands, 6 Emo bands, 2 Reggae-Latin bands, & 1 Electronica band)!!!

and hence...
The Ska Parade Radio Show (KUCI & KCXX)
would like to thank the following bands and/or artists (*in no particular order)
that have graced our program with their live performances (so far) in 1999:

The Insyderz,The Scholars, Jumpin' Jimes, Limbeck,
Jeffries Fan Club, Smile, Hoobastank, One Hit Wonder,
Reel Big Fish, Puya, Ozma, Phantom Planet, Tsar,
Royal Crown Revue, Deluxtone Rockets,
Lee Press-On And The Nails, The Dynotones!, Jimmy Eat World,
The Classified, All, Electric Frankenstein, Dirty Dozen Brass Band,
Fugazi, Big D & The Kids Table, Franceska, Jump With Joey,
Joe & The Chickenheads, Mike Boito, The Upbeat,
The Lassie Foundation, Pilfers, Mustard Plug, Gameface,
Helva, Man or Astro-Man?, The Agents, Kara's Flowers,
Carlos Malcolm & His Afro-Jamaican Rhythms, Baby Lemonade,
The O.C. Supertones, Hot Water Music, Los Mocosos,
Shocks Of Mighty, Codename: Rocky,
Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution, Dub Pistols, The Porkers,
The Cover-Ups, Dem Brooklyn Bums Big Band, Backside,
The Allstonians w/Laurel Aitken, and No Knife!

Please listen to "The Ska Parade Radio Show"
every Sat. (noon to 2pm Pacific) on 88.9fm KUCI, Irvine, CA;
& every Sun. (11pm to 1am Pacific) on 103.9fm KCXX, San Bernardino, CA!
or hear both editions live via webacsting on your computer!
Connect via http://www.skaparade.com

Musically yours - Tazy, Albino, & The Ska Parade!